Three Steps to Financial Independence

The secrets of financial success


How does modern society evaluate well-being? In terms of material prosperity. If a person has an apartment, a house, a car, he is considered a self-sufficient person. However, in our time, when such attributes have become mandatory, self-sufficiency is evaluated by another criterion, which is called "self-sufficiency".financial independence". This concept includes not only the material monetary aspect, but also financial literacy. A financially literate person is able not only to pay for mandatory daily needs, but also to ensure wealth for the next few years.

Everyone knows that a job brings temporary material prosperity. If there is one, a person has temporary independence, he can afford a lot of things. But if there is no work, this independence is reduced to "zero", after a certain period of time the person will not be able to maintain his ability to provide needs at the same level as before. Financial independence implies having Permanent material income.

How can you achieve financial independence that is not subject to life's cataclysms? The answer is quite simple: It is necessary to create capital that generates permanent passive income. To achieve such well-being, everyone chooses his own path. The experience of many successful people has combined some principles into certain steps, rules to be followed in order to achieve a positive result.

The first step is to make a personal financial plan. But don't make rosy plans. As you know, life is not always as smooth as we think it is. Make a realistic plan, and build emergency action into it.

Next step - is to accustom oneself to a certain discipline, which is quite difficult - to keep personal financial records, to write down every step of one's money. However, already in a month a person sees the whole picture of money flow. Where, why, when their own funds go. Having analyzed the picture, involuntarily thoughts about the need to change it cardinally come. Something to improve, something to reduce. Adjusted personal financial plan can become a guarantee of successful achievement of financial independence.

And finally, the third step will be the realization of everything that has been planned. And this is the most difficult because, as practice shows, it is not easy to follow a plan. Especially, when you follow it for a long time, you are in a slump. How often people dream about their business or passive income. But in most cases all calculations and dreams remain on paper.

Find the strength to become financially independent. And most importantly, remember, if you don't reach the heights you set for yourself in your attempt to become financially independent, it's much better than being afraid to test yourself and remembering in a few years how you missed your chance.

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