Trader's adrenaline addiction

Watching the work of many traders, apprentices, beginners, as well as more experienced traders, very often came across such a phenomenon in traders as adrenaline addiction.

trader's dependency

Now you can be nervous in peace!

The work of a trader in the financial market is very nerve-racking. As I have already written, in many American financial companies, the trader is supposed to rest after the transaction at all. The trader is constantly in a state of stress. Whether it's stock market or insane . All this leads to the fact that the trader simply gets used to this state. The adrenaline becomes like a drug that he needs all the time. In order to get this drug, the trader strives to be in deals all the time. I saw once, when some years ago one of our traders experienced this addiction (thank God it was temporary). Coming to the terminal in the morning, he would quickly open a trade and add: "Now you can be nervous in peace!".

It is not hard to guess at the "correctness" of such deals. There were a lot of them mistaken. The trader entered the market mainly hastily, without thinking about the correctness of opening a deal. Just to be in the market. All this usually leads to disastrous consequences.

How to cope with adrenaline addiction?

What to do traderIf he is, as they say, "seized". First of all refrain for some time from financial operations on the market. Take a week's vacation and calm down. Distract yourself from the market in general. The trader must first of all realize that it is not common sense that guides him, but dependence on the need for thrills.

Let us remember the saying of the great Warren Buffett: "Success is often achieved by inaction. Many investors cannot resist the urge to constantly buy and sell.”

Adrenaline addiction - is another of the trader's enemies. Someone experiences it, but some traders bypass this factor. Most of them just can't handle this adrenaline and leave their work in financial markets. Coping with adrenaline addiction is another one of the most difficult tasks of a trader.

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