The money areas of our body

Did you know that our body is a magnet that can attract anything? Everything is "written" on a person's body map. Personality peculiarities, all previous life experience, psychological traumas and certain tendencies of further development.

Body-oriented psychotherapy studies the relationship between the body and the psyche. It also explores in detail the interdependence of life spheres and body states. The body responds to any current problem with tension; it can be chronic or temporary.

Chronic tension (blockages) indicates a person's stable behavioral patterns. Temporary - a problem that has suddenly arisen and has not yet been fully worked out (like RAM).


Is there money in the body?

Of course I do. Zon money in the body are four. One of them is related to the way money is received, one is related to the way it goes out, one is related to hoarding, and one is related to the ability to turn money into wealth.

The neck is the money zone

The first money zone is the neck. Assess her condition. Can you freely, without strain and crunch twist your neck and turn your head around? If yes - then also easily you can see various ways of getting money. The neck for a person is a zone of possibilities and freedom of choice! A free, mobile, light, unblocked neck indicates that you are fine with your choices.

You see many options for yourself and see no problem in changing the scenarios of your life. You easily accept yourself and other people. You do not have rigid rigid attitudes. Easily compromise. Freely express your thoughts and feelings. Easily express your own opinions.

A loose neck gives the body livelinessYou are likely to be a natural leader, administrator or top manager. Most likely, you are a natural leader, administrator or top manager, in any case, with money problems should not be sure.

People with a blocked neck look only straight ahead. This is the look of a subordinate, an officer or a soldier, this is the look of a person aiming to move only forward, ignoring all new "inputs" and interferences. This may be justified on the training ground, but it is in no way acceptable in the easily and rapidly changing financial world, where success is often ensured by a person's involvement in the process and ability to make quick decisions.

Analyze your financial scenarios. Perhaps you are stubborn and distrustful, often resisting and meeting resistance from your clients in return if you work with people. Are you not overly fascinated by the same technologies? Do you get completely caught up in one financial scheme that you start actively pushing on everyone?

"Look there - only there," your body seems to be saying. It is important to know that it is difficult to trace what is primary and what is secondary in the human body-psychic structure. It happens that at first a person fixes, literally clogs his own body, and it already creates stable psychological blocks by its tension. And it can be the other way around - a psychological trauma or attitude fixes tension in the body, and it, in its turn, constantly reminds a person of a negative experience he once had and makes him act in a stereotypical way. So a body therapist always has a lot of work in any sphere and area of life, including money.

The hands distribute the money

The money distribution area is, of course, the hands. There's a reason they say the money's slipping through your fingers. Imagine that someone, no matter who, is holding out a bill to you. Reach out and take it. How would you do that?

Assess whether there was any tension in your hand when you reached for the imaginary bill. If so, where? In the hand? It means that it matters to you how money is given to you, who gives it to you, with what words. You attach great importance to the ritualization of receiving money. If you don't like the way they give it to you, you can refuse even what you have earned. Is it good? Are there not too many conventions and ceremonies?

Is there tension in your forearm? You're having trouble making money decisions. It's neither here nor there, as they say. It is difficult for you to take, difficult to give, difficult to make purchases and invest money. Before deciding to do something, you think ten times and often because of this you end up losing.

"He who doesn't take risks doesn't drink champagne" - remember this once in a while, and money will flow into your hands. If there is tension in the shoulder, it is difficult for you to let money into your life. You can take it, but then the mental torment begins.

Perhaps you are one of those who believe that money is filth, money corrupts a person. Subconsciously you distance yourself from it. Money always stands on the threshold of your house, but you do not let it in. Come to your senses, because they may get tired of standing there, and what will you do then?

How do you transfer the money? You are a generous and self-confident person, holding the bill close to you and waiting for the person to reach out for it. You hold the bill close to yourself and wait for the person to reach out for it - you are not sure that this money is worth giving. Perhaps you are timid, not very confident and have a hard time parting with money.

If you hand over a bill folded twice - if it's an accident, it's no big deal. But if you always fold the bill before giving it, then perhaps you are unconsciously afraid of money, responsibility for it and do everything to make it less. Why are you so afraid and embarrassed of yourself, of money, of the way you hand it over?

You take out a bill, but you don't give it to someone immediately, but precede the handover with a long monologue about something - think about why you do this? Perhaps you enjoy looking at the discomfort of the interlocutor; perhaps you are not sure that the money should be given; or maybe you have a hard time making decisions in life and you are always a little "slow" when it is time to make a step.

Bank belly

The third area of money is the abdomen and pelvis. It is not for nothing that a rich man is always portrayed as a fat man with a big belly. But a big belly is also a sign that a person has a lot of fears. And fears do not allow us to freely dispose of money. Fear of losing wealth manifests itself in greed, and greed in fullness.

So how to be? Soft, but not full, taut, neat tummy, free pelvic movements, graceful gait, like oriental dancers and dancers, testify - before us is a man satisfied with life, a man who knows how to rejoice and enjoy every moment, skilled in all carnal pleasures and not complex in matters of increasing his wealth.

Therefore, if you want money, go to oriental dancing. Moreover, the costumes of oriental divas are as if specially designed to lure money, as the gold jewelry plays in the sun, and aren't the capes and headdresses embroidered with coins?

Curiously, one of the areas of unwise hoarding is the infamous galifès (on the thigh, back). People who are greedy, especially those who are greedy for other people's money, have halifes. And those who easily part with money and calmly spend it on other people, - with this part of the body is all right. Direct logic: if you are greedy, you will have to spend money on anti-cellulite creams and massages, if you are not greedy, you will not need any cream.

We're on our feet

And finally, the area of increasing wealth is the feet. The stronger the feet, the easier it is for a person to build wealth. House, stable business, strong income, luxury goods. All these belong not to money, but to wealth. To hold on to wealth, you have to stand firmly on your feet.

Therefore, if you have weak legs, you often stumble, turn your feet up, you have had random, ridiculous fractures, you have varicose veins or any other leg diseases, all this indicates that you do not have stability, and perhaps you are afraid of it.

Learn to stand firmly on your feet. Develop a winning gait. Step on your whole foot, springing at the knees and shifting your body weight to the supporting leg. Stop wearing heels until you can feel the support under your feet. Walk barefoot on the ground more often in the summer. Strengthen your feet and establish a lost connection with the earth. And then it will be easier for you to create a material footing in life.

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