Copying successful traders

There are three main factors for copying success:

1. psychological attitudes,
2. mental states,
3. thinking strategies.

transaction copying

If you try to copy the ways of using the best traders of these three factors in all aspects of the trading task, then the results they produce can also be replicated. Here's an example from another field: most martial artists believe that you can break a board with your bare hand only after years of training. I once watched for about fifteen minutes how to do it, after which I broke two pine boards about a centimeter thick each with my bare hand, having no previous experience in such matters. I even taught it to my son (he was ten at the time). Such is the real power of modeling.

The fact is that the skill of most experts in their field subconsciously. Они отлично справляются со своими задачами, ибо выполняют их автоматически, не включая в действие осознание своих действий. Фактически профессионалы опираются только на сигналы мозга, который обрабатывает полученную информацию и, минуя осознание происходящего, посылает сигналы к выполнению. Иногда мы говорим “делаю на рефлексе”, вот именно об этом мы и говорим.

For example, most people are good at driving. But they do not even think about what they are doing while behind the wheel. Therefore, they often cannot explain how they make decisions in a given moment, and therefore cannot teach their skill to another. He can tell the basics, what lies on the surface, but very much of the most important things will be left out, because the master does not even realize it.

A similar situation often occurs in trading. Трейдеры, которые профессионально торгуют много лет, легко расскажут вам о своей стратегии, но если вы присмотритесь к истории их сделок, то наверняка найдете разночтения в постановке отложенных ордеров, в раннем закрытии сделки и проч. При этом объяснение им будет примерно таково “ну такая сложилась ситуация”. Трейдер даже сам не понял, почему закрылся – потому что мозг все посчитал и выдал нужное решение.

If you want to learn how to trade If you have a professional, make sure you study the history of his trades for a long time, sit with him more often during working hours and observe him. This will give you a great experience, which you can't get in lectures and books.

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