Learning Forex trading - the realities of a speculator

Some novice stock traders believe that forex trading training It is possible to pass on your own, without the participation of dealing centers and financial gurus. There are a lot of articles in the Internet about the currency market, about what awaits a beginner beyond the theory, about how to make a trading strategy and other useful information. But there are other traders who think that qualitative training is possible only when they have an experienced coach. To some extent, both opinions are supported by solid arguments. So let's get to the bottom of this question.

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Self-training in Forex trading

Traders who decide for themselves Learn Forex tradingThey have to have a lot of faith in themselves and in their own strength. They must understand that it will be very difficult to understand all the wisdoms of forecasting, reading charts, assessing macroeconomic indicators, but do not be afraid of these difficulties. Self-learning implies studying books and articles on the subject, communication with traders on forums, etc. The main advantage of such self-education is that the knowledge obtained can be immediately applied in practice - on a demo account. So the theory goes along with the practice.

Learning Forex Trading from the Guru

There are a huge number of special institutions that conduct Forex trading training. They recruit small groups of beginners, with whom they study the nuances of the market, try to work in the terminal, sometimes test strategiesThe whole event disciplines the future speculator, because you have to do your homework without falling down in front of your classmates. All this activity disciplines the future speculator, because you have to do your homework and not to fall in the mud in front of fellow students, so there are usually plenty of people willing. Professional training is good by the fact that the courses are conducted by experienced teachers who can calmly answer any question and very quickly, which is usually lacking.

Which Forex trading training is more effective?

In principle, it does not matter which option trading training will choose the future trader. Here everything depends on his personal qualities. If necessary, you can learn everything on your own, if you have good patience and endurance. At the same time, even the professionals can't guarantee that by completing their courses you will necessarily become a millionaire. But you can ask them any question, listen to their advice, and they will help you form the initial strategies and guide you in the right direction. The main thing to remember is that training on - It is an obligatory, necessary condition, which a player must fulfill in order for his deposit not to fall into oblivion after a couple or three completed transactions. So "Learn, learn and learn again," as Grandpa Lenin bequeathed to us.

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  1. You have to learn how to trade. That's the only way.
    I myself have been trading in the market for over 15 years. Of which I have been working as a trader in an investment company in London for 5 years. It was here that I met highly professional traders with 30 or more years of experience. It was from them I learned a lot.
    The whole question is who teaches and how. Of course it makes no sense to learn not from a (active) trader, but from a simple trainer. But also not every successful trader can teach, not everyone. I bought some courses from Russian traders-teachers, just for the sake of interest, to see what and how they teach. Even promoted traders do not teach anything. It feels like they just sell their name and do not think about the people they are trying to teach. I found only one course in Russian worthy. And although this course is in Russian, the trader is not in Russia. I'm not giving the name here, so as not to advertise. The same can be said about the English-language courses. But there is more choice. And this is understandable. They have a different way of looking at business and trading. But, in my opinion, you have to learn traders who made a career as traders in the West.

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