FSC (Financial Services Commission) - financial supervision of Mauritius

Regulation of brokerage organizations is an important aspect in the overall success of a trader. Undoubtedly, every speculator wants to cooperate with a reliable organization and reduce the potential risk of capital loss. That's why when choosing a dealing center for trading on pay attention to many factors, the assessment of which allows you not to make a mistake and go to work exclusively with a reliable company. Fortrader.org magazine reviews for you FSC controller - the Financial Supervisory Commission of Mauritius, one of the main offshore zones where many brokers "park".

FSC (Financial Services Commission) - financial supervision of Mauritius

Financial Supervision of Mauritius

  • Full title: Mauritius Financial Supervision Commission
  • Title in English: Financial Services Commission
  • Abbreviated title: FSC
  • Subordinate countries: Mauritius
  • Funding: by issuing licenses to controlled companies
  • The degree of trust of traders: Medium
  • Official website: www.fscmauritius.org

Offshore zones are of particular importance for a competent trader, because most of the dealing centers are international and registered outside the continental states, which allows them to count on more attractive tax programs. The Commission, which we are now considering, is the regulatory body of the island of Mauritius. It is governed by the policy of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development in accordance with the regulatory framework of the international level.

In addition to carrying out direct supervisory operations, the FSC licenses, regulates, controls the business activities of companies outside the banking sector. In general, banking institutions and global businesses are not subject to FSC control, but Brokerage firms and dealing centers - exactly those objects that the organization is interested in.

It should be said that despite the fact that Mauritius is an offshore zone, maintaining authority, they take the issue of licensing of brokerage companies quite seriously. Therefore, you should not treat a license from FSC with contempt. A trader's confidence in it should be at an average level.

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