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Forums for traders There is an opinion that traders, who really make money, do not sit on forums... Probably, the idea makes sense. Indeed, where to get time for posts and discussion when you have to monitor market movements, analyze, open positions... And it is unlikely that anyone will spread much about their ways of making money.

But even if you admit that there are few or no successful traders on the forums, specialized forums for traders will still remain a treasure trove of useful information and will not cease to be popular among market players.

What are forums like?

There are a lot of forums for traders. There you can find almost any information about trading, stocks and securities, futuresThe most important thing is that you have to choose the most interesting and useful one. But to choose the most interesting and useful is not so easy. You will have to revise a lot of sites, read a huge number of topics and comments. We hope that our article will help you to choose, to understand the structure and navigation of trading forums and will maximally shorten the time for searching the most interesting and useful resource.

First of all, all forums can be divided into two types: independent forums and forums of dealing centers. The first ones are usually organized by traders-enthusiasts or groups of like-minded persons in order to exchange information and experience, to discuss the most urgent problems, to popularize their trading ideas and so on. In such " clubs"can discuss either a certain range of topics, for example, only the Russian stock marketor any questions of interest to traders. There is an opinion that it is on such independent forums that the most interesting and lively discussions take place.

The second kind is. brokerage company forums. A kind of official broker's mouthpiece: through the forum the company forms its image, advertises services, communicates with clients, identifying their needs or settling disputable issues. Not all brokerage companies are able to make an interesting informational resource with objective, independent evaluations and opinions. More often than not, company forums turn into advertising and news feeds.

Many forex forums for traders in their description assure that it is on their site that the user will find the most interesting, useful and relevant information about trading. To check this statement is very easy. First of all, pay attention to how many categories and sections there are on the forum. How much these topics are discussed and relevant can be seen by the number of posts left in the topic and the date of the last update.

On many forums, statistics are open to users. It shows the total number of posts, the number of registered users, and sometimes, the record number of visits. Seeing all these numbers, you can easily determine how popular the forum is, how many topics are actively discussed on it.

By the names of the topics and the number of comments and views it is easy to understand who the main forum participants are - professional traders or beginners in trading.

Rules of etiquette on the forex forum

Just as playing the stock market requires certain knowledge, participating in the online discussion of trader issues involves following certain rules. Usually it is a standard list of things that users are not allowed to do: use obscene language in their posts, publish knowingly false information, place advertisements, etc. You can easily find a link to these rules on the main page of any forum.

Most likely, in order to be a full participant of the process - to start new topics, leave answers, edit your messages, leave comments under the photos of other participants - you will need to register on the forum, that is, fill out a certain form, indicating your contacts and other information. In return, you will be able to freely take part in discussions of all forum topics and get access to all services of the portal. If the user decides to remain a guest on the forum, he will only be able to read posts.

As in any other forum, the forum for traders the rules are monitored by moderators and administrators. They have the right to edit, move, close, and delete posts and threads if they deem them not to meet the forum rules. In addition, they also maintain the ideology of the forum, and unwanted users can not only be "heavily edited", but also banned.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for a forum to become a place where traders have an argument with each other or with their own/others dealing centers. Moderators don't always have time or see fit to delete such posts, and then from the source of answers to eternal questions: "How to make money on e", "where to invest money", "How to learn to trade in the stock market", - the forum turns into a battlefield, losing its best members and popularity.

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  1. The forums are a wonderland of fools. They also sell all kinds of crap for those who believe the market can be calculated mathematically. Spells, money spells, etc. The forum is a theater. There is a flight of business thought, business cycles, but it is all a verbal diarrhea for catching fools. Do not try to write there, it is useless. They ask their own questions and answer them, so that others do not understand them so well.

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