Losses on : how do beginner traders lose money?

The answer to the question "How do beginner traders lose money? Having failed again and again, the trader repeats his own mistakes, and then admits that earnings on - is another scam and is out of the market for good.

loss on

In fact, success lies in the trader's ability to analyze situations in which he failed, to find his mistakes and learn not to repeat them.

Very often a trader-beginner loses at the very beginning of his career because of his decision to work with borrowed money, credit, etc. After all, the prospects are so tempting.

A beginner has little chance to stay in the market, the lack of knowledge and experience affects it, and borrowed money adds additional psychological burden. A beginner, at the first insignificant loss, tries to win it all back at once, makes a mistake again, loses his balance and starts working, Without adhering to any system. The result of such work, it is not difficult to predict - a total loss of Deposits.

About the same thing happens when a newcomer starts trading right away for a lot of money. Psychological pressure is high for an unprepared person. He hesitates for a long time to open a trade under quite acceptable conditions, enters the market late and at the slightest market reversal against his position begins to frantically look for ways to remedy the situation, and again, comes to a disastrous result.

In order not to get the answer to the question from personal experience: how traders lose money, never trade on borrowed funds without sufficient experience, do not conduct trading operations with large (for you) amounts of money. First gain experience and knowledge and get psychologically hardened when working with small stakes. You need to work with money, the loss of which will not be able to have a significant impact on your life. Also, if you have little experience, it is not superfluous to use an automatic trading system.

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