Акции “Аэрофлота” растут на 6% на публикации МСФО за 2015 год

FORTRADER.org 01/03: According to IFRS data for 2015, Aeroflot Group's net loss fell to 6.5 billion rubles, or 2.6 times compared to 2014, while revenue increased to 415 billion rubles, or 29.8%.

Aeroflot (AFTL) shares: rates and quotes online today
Aeroflot (AFTL) shares: rates and quotes online today

Публикация отчетности по МСФО вывела акции “Аэрофлота” в сильный плюс

Operating profit increased to 44.1 billion rubles, or four times more than in 2014. EBITDA margin increased to 14.1%.

Total debt of Aeroflot Group amounted to 233.7 billion rubles, which is 34.1% more than a year before. The main reason was the revaluation of foreign currency liabilities on financial leasing and an increase in the volume of credits and loans.

The text of the statement says that in response to the deteriorating macroeconomic situation and external conditions, the company was able to optimize its costs against the background of the weakening ruble.

As noted by Aeroflot, in the second half of 2015 the company made the greatest contribution to the stabilization of the Russian air transport market by taking over the passenger traffic of Transaero Airlines.

Against the background of the publication of Aeroflot Group's reports, its shares soared to more than 60 rubles, or 6% in trading on the Moscow Exchange.

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