Green Fire strategy: an intuitive trending system

Green Fire trading strategy belongs to the category of trending, quite simple and intuitive, and you can use the indications of only two indicators for successful trading on it.

Input parameters

  • Currency pairs: any
  • Timeframe: H1, H4
  • Trading time: 24/7
  • Type of strategy: indicator, trending
 Green Fire strategy
Green Fire strategy

Buying signals

  • The Heiken Ashi indicator should be green.
  • The green moving average crosses the gray one from bottom to top.
  • In the additional window of the Trend Lord indicator the bar is green.


The picture perfectly shows the combination of all three signals and is marked with an up arrow. The strategy is trend-following, so do not exit the trade after grabbing a few pips, squeeze the maximum out of the market, use trailing stops and so on.

Sell signals are opposite

  • The Heiken Ashi indicator should be white.
  • The white moving average crosses the gray one from top to bottom.
  • The Trend Lord indicator has a white bar in the additional window.


The picture shows a perfect sell signal, indicated by the down arrow.

Exposing stop orders

Stop Orders We will bet on the local minimums and maximums, while using the ratio of profit to loss 2 to 1, that is, if you put a stop order of 50 points, the take profit should be at least 100 points.


According to experts, when using the Green Fire strategy, it is necessary to correctly calculate the lots. The risk per trade should not exceed 5 percent of the deposit.

Download the GreenFire Strategy Indicators and Template

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  1. In MT4 Build 745 template does not work correctly. Install indicators manually does not help, there is no list of indicators used. In the archive there is this: Woodie_CCI_Adv.1.0 is not compiled and therefore not visible in MT.
    Too bad, it looks promising, I wanted to check as a rollback after the signals on the sma tunnel

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