A simple strategy for the Triggerlines indicator

This easy to understand and understand intraday trading strategy is based on the readings of only one Triggerlines indicator. The main currency pair EURUSD is selected for trading, but with some adjustment it is also possible to work on other instruments.

Trading strategy settings

Currency pair: recommended EURUSD
Timeframe: М30
Trading time24/7
Indicators: Triggerlines (70, 30) - slow, Triggerlines (15, 5) - fast

About the Triggerlines indicator

Triggerlines - is a modification of the Moving Average indicator, which shows a channel of two moving averages by market opening and closing. When constructing the indicator, it is guided by the number of candles to be averaged (Rperiod). Increasing this value, we speed up the indicator's readings, while decreasing it, we slow it down.

Rules of the trading strategy

The rules of the strategy are as simple as possible:

1. Open a buy tradeif the following conditions are met:

Examples of buy trades
Examples of buy trades
  • Both indicators are colored blue;
  • The fast Triggerlines are above the slow Triggerlines;
  • The price is above the slow Triggerlines.

2. Open a sell tradeif the following conditions are met:

Examples of sales transactions
Examples of sales transactions
  • Both indicators are colored red;
  • The fast Triggerlines are below the slow Triggerlines;
  • The price is below the slow Triggerlines.

Transaction support

The author does not name specific rules for supporting an open trade, but recommends to close half of the deal when the color of the Triggerlines fast indicator changes, put Breakeven. It is also possible to work with a profit of 30 pips and a trailing stop.

Download Triggerlines indicator

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