Simple Binary Extreme Nemesis trading strategy

A simple trading system based on two oscillators (RSI and MFI) and DeMark indicator.

Trading strategy settings:

  • Currency pairs: any.
  • Timeframe: M1, M5.
  • Bidding time: any.
  • Risk Management: after the calculation stop loss choose such a lot volume that the risk was not more than 2-5% of the deposit on one transaction.

Setting the system indicators:

  1. Unpack the archive with templates and indicators.
  2. Copy indicators to the MQL -> indicators folder.
  3. Copy the templates into the templates folder.
  4. Restart the terminal.
  5. Open the chart of the desired currency pair.
  6. Install a template named 60s ben.

The schedule should look like this:


Signals indicating the opening of a long position (buying):

  1. Level RSI below 10.
  2. MFI is at the 0 level.
  3. DeMark is at 0.


Signals indicating the opening of a short position (sale):

  1. The RSI level is above 90.
  2. The MFI is at the 100 level.
  3. DeMark is at a level of 1.


Entry into the transaction is carried out at the opening price of the candle following the occurrence of signals.

Download Binary Extreme Nemesis strategy templates and indicators

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