Forex Profit Launcher trading strategy

Forex Profit Launcher trading strategy – более чем удивительная. Эта strategy Does not blindly follow the trend, and gives the opportunity to trade at strong levels of support and resistance. By strategy Forex Profit Launcher you can trade on any currency pairs, it should be noted, the most profitable trading pair of USD / JPY.

This is how the chart of the currency pair looks like after imposing the main indicators of the FX Profit Launcher and FX Profit Launcher - Targets:

Forex Profit Launcher trading strategy


1. The red slanted line The main trend or main direction of the price at the moment is indicated.

2. Red and blue horizontal lines with arrows marked last support and resistance levels, last supply and demand levels in the past.

3.  Similar red and blue line, but without arrows – следующие уровни поддержки и сопротивления, согласно прогнозам это следующие уровни спроса и предложения.

4. Yellow Line is the main pivot line or the median line of support/support levels: above is the blue resistance line, below is the red support line (item 3).

5. Between the blue and red lines are Gray - anticipated pivot points. Just on these lines (items 3-5) set goals for further trade.

6. In the upper left corner of the screen is information panel:

– основной тренд (Trend Up – Trend Down),
– сигналы BUY \ SELL,
– точка входа,
– уровень StopLoss.

Trading by Forex Profit Launcher Trading Strategy

Option 1: a simple and clear option for beginners.

Шаг 1 . Определяем основной тренд по дневному графику валютной пары, чтобы знать основные тенденции валютной пары. Очевидно, что основной тренд на приведенном примере нисходящий (Down Trend) лучший вариант для этой пары – продажа.

Step 2. Move to any lower timeframe with the same trend direction, let's say one hour.

Step 3. And only at this point do we follow the instructions on the information panel (Entry and StopLoss).

Step 4. Set targets on Pivot lines (all lines marked above)

Step 5: If the StopLoss was too big for your deposit, just switch to a smaller timeframe, let's say M15, for mini accounts.

Step 6. You can use Tralling Stop to save profits.

Option 2: Another option for beginners

Based on support and resistance levels, it is also possible to trade short-term along/against the trend. This way of trading is more suitable for currency pairs which do not show a clear trend over a long period of time, such as USDCAD and EURUSD.

In this case, to enter the market recommendations from the information panel of the upper left part of the chart not are used. The entry and exit points are only support and resistance levels.

In this case StopLoss is set 10-15 points above/below the signal point. Please note that you should trade only on solid lines.

Option 3: for aggressive trading on

This variant uses 3 additional indicators:

Bars Indicator:
если цвет бара красный – нисходящий тренд,
если цвет бара синий – upward trend.

2. Market Data:
This is an informative indicator, shows general information about the market, as well as daily high/low, spread.

3. Future Line:
Shows the presumed price movement in the near future. This indicator predicts on the basis of a very complex formula and market analysis. It is best used on H1 or H4 charts.

Download Forex Profit Launcher Strategy Template and Indicators

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