Author's trending strategy of NUF and Numiza

strategy from NUF and Numiz Suggested by the user nymiz on the forum The strategy is trending, uses in its work the readings of as many as 18 indicators and, despite some motley pattern, is profitable if all its conditions are met. Indicators in the strategy template Nuf+Numize are configured for the currency pair GBP/AUD, timeframe M5. To trade on other currency pairs on other timeframes, the indicator settings must be changed independently.

Input parameters

  • Currency pairs: any, recommended GBP/AUD
  • Timeframe: any, the M5 is recommended
  • Bidding time: any
  • Type of strategy: indicator, trending

Used indicators

  • #4X 2011 XARD GOLDBANDS 2B
  • #LURCH_SRv5
  • #P4L CandleTime
  • 7-21-55-h2
  • CCI_NUF_v4 mod~
  • GG-TrendBar
  • Heiken Ashi BG
  • HighLight_Pins
  • HighLowAnswer
  • ProfitableStrategy_1
  • Semafor+123Triangles
  • T3_08_2Color.
  • TrendLineChannel WC_NLR
  • Trend Signal
  • zigzagtriad-mtf+alerts
Nuf+Numiz Strategy Template
Nuf+Numiz Strategy Template

Trading on the strategy from NUF and Numiza

  • Trading is strictly in the direction of trend. M15 timeframe is used for checking.
  • The SFET_V_PODVALE indicator is colored in the color corresponding to the trend (green - upward trendred - downtrend).
  • The moving averages have crossed and changed color.
  • The CCI indicator corresponds to the direction of the trend.
  • The Lurch indicator displayed a signal to enter as a yellow arrow.
  • The ProfitableStrategy_1 indicator corresponds to the trend direction.
  • A prerequisite for entering the trade is the appearance of the pattern 123, indicated by the signal of the Semafor+123Triangles indicator.
  • If at least one condition is not met, the signals are ignored until the next pattern 123 appears.
Examples of Market Entry by Nuf+Numize Strategy
Examples of Market Entry by Nuf+Numize Strategy

Position management, stop loss and take profit orders

  • The position is held open from the appearance of the 123 pattern signal to the end of the trend.
  • Take Profit for the GBP/AUD currency pair is fixed at 80 pips. An alternative is to change the color of one of the moving averages.
  • Stop Loss is set behind the local minimum or maximum. experts pay attention to some oversaturation of the Nuf+Numize strategy with indicators and believe that it is necessary to optimize it in order to unload the price chart and to specify the conditions for market entry. Also, it is not comfortable to adjust the strategy for other currency pairs and timeframes.

Download NUF and Numiza Strategy Template and Indicators

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  1. Владислав, практикующий эту стратегию на реале says:

    I can tell you that I use this strategy on the real, and with this strategy you must always sit at the monitor, because the strategy itself tells you when to enter the market and when to exit it, a kind of dynamic position management according to the strategy. In fact, semi-automatic trading. Your task is only to calculate the lot, and the strategy thinks for you. You don't have to analyze anything and make any decisions, just wait for the message to pop up where to stand.

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