Forex Strategy Master trading system: Quick Trader strategy (part 2)

Part 1

The third article of the series, dedicated to the Forex Strategy Master trading system (we strongly recommend to read the previous articles of this series before studying this strategy). Here we will talk about the second strategy - Quick Trader, which is based on the principles of the Power Trader system (with slight modifications).

Articles of the series devoted to the Forex Strategy Master trading system

Detailed algorithm when working on a downtrend

Step 1

On the higher timeframe (M15) the right fan should be formed moving averages (3 EMA below 5 EMA, 5 EMA below 15 EMA, 15 EMA below 45 EMA) and both bar indicators should turn red.

Step 2

The price should touch the 3 EMA on the high TF.

Quick Trader_6

Step 3

Switch to a lower timeframe (M5) and check the position of the price relative to the fan of averages.

Quick Trader_7

Step 4

We expect a signal to open a long position on the low TF. Should form a candle with the closing price below the 5 EMA, and both bar indicators should be colored red.

Quick Trader_8

Step 5

We check for a bearish mood on the older timeframe (5 EMAs below the 15 EMA, 15 EMAs below the 45 EMA, and both bar indicators are red).

Quick Trader_9

Step 6

On the low TF, we determine the level of the stop (by the nearest local maximum or by the average; the algorithm is the same as in the Power Trader strategy).

Step 7

Open a position.

Step 8

We measure take profit (usually in the ratio of 1:1 to the stop).

Step 9

Continue to manage the position (the algorithm is the same as in the Power Trader strategy).

Step 10 (optional)

If necessary, we use a trailing stop.

Some special features when working with a strategy Quick Trader

As mentioned earlier, once the price touches the 3 EMA and switches to a lower timeframe, it is often between the 5 EMA and 15 EMA.

Knowing this pattern, we can trade the strategy without switching to a higher TF. That is, we simply wait for the price to be between the aforementioned averages (in the working TF), and then enter the trade when there is a candle with the closing price above/below (depending on the trend direction) the 5 EMA.

Quick Trader_10

When working according to the simplified algorithm, the following should be taken into account:

On the lower TF, during the price entering the space between the moving averages, the bar indicators should not be colored in the opposite direction (on the uptrend - to red, on the descending one to green). The exception is the appearance of one or a pair of gray bars.

The moving averages should be placed in the correct order on the lower TF. In an uptrend the 5 EMA should be above the 15 EMA, in a downtrend it should be below.

By sticking to these recommendations, you will be able to filter out most losing trades.

Quick Trader_11

Download templates and indicators of the Forex Strategy Master system

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