Medium-term trading strategy for GBP/JPY

The trading strategy proposed in this article is an indicator algorithm, which, according to the authors, gives from 900 to 2000 pips per month. The work uses standard indicators, hourly chart and currency pair GBP/JPY.

In the work we use:

Currency pair: GBP/JPY
Timeframe: H1
Operating time24/7
Indicators: EMA (7) - yellow line, EMA (15) - red line, EMA (90) - white line, daily pivot fibo

Trading strategy algorithm

1. Determine the trend by EMA (90): if the price is above the white line, the underlying trend is upward, and we open only buy positions. If the price is below this line, the underlying trend is downward and we open only short positions.

2. Use the crossover of EMA (7) and EMA (15) to determine the entry point: do not enter immediately after the crossover, wait for the price to test the level of EMA (7) and only then enter the market.

Buying signals
Buying signals
Signals to sell
Signals to sell


3. use daily pivot fibo to determine the exit point: we enter at the first level that suits us, or earlier. For example, the author recommends closing profitable positions before the publication of important news.

4. Use stop loss at 75 points.

5. No entry on very large candles, on news and on weekends and holidays.

Download Strategy Template and Indicators

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