Binary options indicator Six Second Trades (60 Seconds)

Binary options are attracting more and more attention of traders who are accustomed to the foreign exchange market. And indeed, this tool has its advantages. So let's take a look at Six Second Trades indicatorwhich is designed for trading on "60 second" options.

Recall that option 60 Seconds is relatively new, and it assumes that the term of the contract is only a minute. In this case the profit is limited to 100%, and there is no need to go deep into the analysis, it is enough to predict the movement of just a minute candle.

Most option brokers provide a web platform for trades that are extremely difficult to analyze. That's why we suggest you analyze the instrument in the familiar MetaTrader 4, and transfer your trades to the broker. Most companies offer a wide list of assets, including binary options on currency pairs, which means you can analyze just EURUSD.

Six Second Trades Indicator set on the euro/dollar on the minute chart and wait for the signal. In principle, this is a normal signal indicator, which shows us what we need to do: buy or sell. The algorithm is closed, but most likely it uses standard trade indicators, like moving averages. Experts also note that the indicator of binary options "60 seconds" puts the signal during the current bar on the previous bar, which means that it is necessary to evaluate its effectiveness on the next bar, which makes it somewhat difficult to perceive.

Binary options indicator "60 seconds"
Индикатор бинарных опционов “60 секунд”

In any case, when you notice the appearance of a red dot - it is a signal to make a trade Put, if green, then Call. It is difficult to mix things up.

Download Six Second Trades indicator

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  1. I have been trading this indicator for 4 months. It's a regular ADX with an alert. Works on the intersection of DI+ and DI- In the settings there are two good parameters 8 and 24. You can also work on standard 14. It has been noticed that the lower the volatility, the higher the parameters are needed and vice versa. This indicator does not like the flat. More precisely, if you leave the settings at 14 then the flat can be traded on the contrary. Scalping. In fact it gives technical entry points into the trend. I tried to filter false signals with many indicators, the most successful is HMA (Hala Moving Average). The most optimal result is the filter of the senior time frame M1 + M5 + trade + 15 minutes. The result holds 4 knees martin iron. PS I've tried a lot of indicators until I found the best. Who will find a 3 knees let me know))

    1. Put in the basement ADX indicator periods should converge, for example 14
      Enter only when the code DI + DI- and formed a cross as you see it can enter. The indicator is good in that it gives a warning alert entry is still 20-40 seconds to assess the market situation.
      Visual balloons can be disregarded. The indicator can be interpreted in two ways. It is necessary first to look at the demo what is more + or minus and trade in the right direction. (I.e. I had a series of 8 Options in a row backwards.

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