CPR mtf signal indicator: trading by Price Action patterns

CPR mtf signal indicator is built on the use of one of the strongest patterns of the technique Price ActionThe indicator is authored by Crossluck, a user of the forexsystemsystemsru.com forum. The author of the indicator is the user of the forum forexsystemsru.com Crossluck.

The Closing Price Reversal pattern signals a price reversal and, as a rule, is often encountered during rapid price movements.

CPR mtf signal indicator
CPR mtf signal indicator

Classic application of the pattern Closing Price Reversal implies entering a trade without confirmation with the installation of a stop-loss order on the maximum (minimum) of the shadow of the signal candle. However, the author of the indicator implemented the mtf function, which allows you to get confirmation of the trading signal from other timeframes.

According to our experts, CPR mtf signal indicator will be quite effective and profitable tool for traders who use the Price Action technique.

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