PZ_SwingTrading Arrow Indicator: The Best 2015 Indicator for Swing Trading

Arrow indicator PZ_SwingTrading - is an indicator designed for swing trading, which is based on the cycles of price fluctuations during one week.

PZ_SwingTrading indicator operates with several price vectors, tracks trend directions and finds phases oversold and overbought, as well as readiness for corrective impulses.

 PZ_SwingTrading indicator
PZ_SwingTrading indicator

PZ_SwingTrading indicator features

  • The colored bars on the chart represent the main line of opportunity;
  • The arrows of the corresponding color and direction mark the points of the turning swings;
  • The dotted lines indicate likely reversal swings.
  • Customizable periods trend and swings.
  • The PZ_SwingTrading indicator has a system of alerts when a signal appears.
  • The indicator excludes signal re-drawing.

ForTrader experts note that the lifetime of positions in swing trading ranges from one to four days, with an obligatory closing of the position on Friday. This style of trading is not very suitable for beginners, however, if the rules are followed, it brings a stable income. According to the majority of traders, PZ_SwingTrading arrow indicator is considered to be the best indicator of 2015 for swing trading.

Download PZ_SwingTrading indicator

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