Ultimate Buy Sell secret indicator: indicator-trading strategy!

A set of indicators under the common name  Ultimate Buy Sell secret is essentially a self-sufficient trading strategy working on 4 and 5-digit quotes.

By installing the attached indicators buysell4 и buysell5 on the graph (Important! buysell4code and buysell5code do not need to be installed, they are auxiliary), we will get the following picture on the trading chart:

Ultimate Buy Sell secret - signal trend indicator
Ultimate Buy Sell secret - signal trend indicator

As you can see, the signals on the trading chart completely duplicate the indicator signals in a separate window for the convenience of the user. The red arrow indicates the possibility to open a sell transaction, the blue one - to buy. Accordingly, the blue line of the Buy Sell secret indicator reflects the dynamics of the uptrend, yellow - the downtrend. Evaluating the efficiency of the signals, ForTrader.org experts note that their accuracy is quite high, given that the arrows are never redrawn, and there is an opportunity to work on a variety of timeframes.

For each individual signal Ultimate Buy Sell secret calculates its own StopLoss and TakeProfit data, which can be observed in the left corner of the chart. It is important to remember that 150 pips of profit for 5-digit quotes correspond to 15 pips for 4-digit quotes.

For trading it is suggested to use the major currency pairs, i.e. EURUSD, GBPUSD, etc., as well as, importantly, to trade in the European and American trading sessionsThe authors also found that the most active time of the day was at the moment of the highest activity. In addition, the authors Ultimate Buy Sell indicator It is especially not recommended to trade at the time of news release, as well as against the trend, if you use additional filters, which is desirable.

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