Divergence indicator Divergence Viewer: show all that is hidden

Divergence indicator Divergence Viewer is intended for displaying the divergence of oscillator readings from the price chart.

The Divergence Viewer indicator has advanced settings and allows you to identify the four classes of divergences:

  • Class A divergences

A classic type of divergence in which the price continues to move in the same direction as before, and the underlying indicator indicates a refraction of the established trend.

  • Class B divergences

A class of divergences related to the repetition of price values in the local extremum.

  • Class C divergences

The class of divergences is similar to class B divergences, however, it differs by the fact that the repeated values are demonstrated not by the price, but by the indicator readings.

  • Hidden divergences

A class of divergences that is a mirror image of class A divergences.

In the indicator the possibility of enabling and disabling the display of the desired class of divergences is available.

 Divergence indicator Divergence Viewer
Divergence indicator Divergence Viewer

To search for divergences, the Divergence Viewer indicator uses readings from one of six standard and two custom built-in indicators:

  • RSI
  • MACD
  • Momentum
  • RVI
  • Stochastic
  • Standard Deviation
  • Derivative (author's indicator)
  • William Blau (author's indicator)

When a divergence is detected, the Divergence Viewer indicator signals by means of the alert system.

 Divergence indicator Divergence Viewer
Divergence Viewer indicator alert

According to ForTrader.org experts, the extended functionality of the Divergence Viewer indicator will allow any trader to customize it according to his trading preferences and increase the efficiency of currency market analysis and trading activity planning.

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