Laguerre RSI indicator: a convenient modification of the popular oscillator

Laguerre RSI indicator is Laguerre oscillator, displaying the data calculated using an adaptive filter based on RSI indicator.

Laguerre RSI indicator works with overbought and oversold levels, which are indicated by 0.75 - 0.25 or 0.15 - 0.9 levels. In the indicator settings it is possible to set the levels preferred by a trader.

The indicator indicates the entry into the overbought zone with a green dot, the exit from the overbought zone with a red dot.

For the oversold area, the readings are reversed: entry - red point, exit - green.

 Laguerre RSI indicator
Laguerre RSI indicator

Since the Laguerre indicator is popular among traders, according to the experts of, its modification is Laguerre RSI indicator can be its more effective substitute in a number of strategies.

Download Laguerre RSI indicator

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