CandleStick Pattern Indicator - a candlestick analysis tool

indicator CandleStick Pattern Indicator belongs to the category of informational and displays candlestick patterns on the price chart of a currency pair. The indicator works on any trading instrument available in the MetaTrader 4 platform.

When a candlestick pattern is recognized, the CandleStick Pattern Indicator displays its name on the chart, marks it with an arrow, and notifies the trader with an audio signal.

 CandleStick Pattern Indicator
CandleStick Pattern Indicator

CandleStick Pattern Indicator settings

  • Show strong reversal patterns - show strong reversal patterns.
  • Show weak reversal patterns - show weak reversal patterns.
  • Show continuation patterns - show continuation patterns trend.
  • Show Unclassified - show additional models.
  • View Bars - the number of last candles considered by the indicator.
  • Sound Alert - gives a sound signal when a new candlestick pattern appears.
  • Email Alert - sends an email alert when a new candlestick pattern appears.
  • Sell Color - color of the down arrow (bearish signals).
  • Buy Color - color of the up arrow (bullish signals).
  • Text Color - color of the text (candlestick model name) on the chart. experts believe that CandleStick Pattern Indicator can become one of the elements of a strategy that uses candlestick analysis, and will also be useful in the complex analysis of charts of currency pairs.

Download CandleStick Pattern Indicator

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