Stratman MiniChart V12 indicator: information about the dynamics from other timeframes

Stratman MiniChart V12 indicator is an informer that allows you to observe the configuration of candlesticks on other timeframes without switching to them.

The Stratman MiniChart V12 indicator displays fragments of candles from other timeframes on the price chart of the currency pair. It is worth noting that the displayed fragments of charts are not superimposed on the main chart, and are located in a free space, which facilitates their analysis.

In the settings you can change the number of candles displayed, their color, as well as the desired time intervals.

 Stratman MiniChart V12 indicator
Stratman MiniChart V12 indicator

According to experts, Stratman MiniChart V12 indicator will be useful in strategies based on candlestick analysis and involving work on several screens.

Download Stratman MiniChart V12 indicator

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