iStockTimes information indicator: comprehensive information for a trader

iStockTimes indicator  displays the working hours of the main trading floors, as well as some additional information. It occupies minimum space on the chart and does not interfere with the evaluation of the main information. The color scheme is selected for easy perception on both light and dark backgrounds.

The indicator independently determines the broker's time zone. To do this, it is necessary to allow DLL import on the properties tab.

iStockTimes information indicator
iStockTimes information indicator

The time in the following time zones is shown: UTC Broker Wellington Sydney Tokyo Hong Kong, Singapore Moscow Europe Union (Frankfurt, Zurich, Paris) London New York Chicago Open trading floors are highlighted in green.

The indicator also displays some information on the current bar of the chart:

  • remaining time until the next bar opening current tick volume and its predicted value relative to the previous bar in percent (be skeptical of this indicator)
  • spread size
  • Margin amount (in brackets - lotness for which the calculation is performed; can be changed via quantity_lots, default is 1)
  • cost of 1 pip (calculated for the same lotness as the margin)
  • size swap for long positions (calculated for the same lot size as the margin)
  • swap amount for short positions (calculated for the same lot size as the margin)
  • 2 ATR values with adjustable periods

The iStockTimes trading indicator also displays up-to-date information on the trading account (most of this information is hidden if there are no open positions):

  • Equity - current amount of funds on the account
  • Free - the amount of funds available for trading
  • Buy - number of open buy orders and total lot size
  • buy_profit - profit on buy orders including swaps and commissions
  • Sell - number of open sell orders and total lot size
  • sell_profit - profit on sell orders including swaps and commissions
  • Total - total number of open orders and total lotness
  • total_profit - total profit on the account including swaps and commissions
  • Comissions - total amount of commissions for open orders
  • Swaps - total amount of swaps for open orders Level - margin level (ratio of current funds to current collateral)
  • StopOut - margin level value, when Stop Out condition (forced closing of unprofitable positions) will occur
  • Marg/Bal - percentage ratio of collateral to balance sheet experts note that in the iStockTimes indicator customization of each element is available, which makes it a valuable assistant when trading on the currency market.

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