ADX Smoothed indicator: smoothed modification of the standard indicator

ADX Smoothed indicator - is a modified smoothing method Standard ADX indicator. The two-level smoothing used in the ADX Smoothed indicator helped to eliminate the lag and increase the accuracy of the indicator's response.

 ADX Smoothed indicator
ADX Smoothed indicator

ADX Smoothed indicator settings

  • per is the ADX period, a standard parameter;
  • alpha1 is the first smoothing coefficient;
  • alpha2 is the second smoothing coefficient;
  • Price Type - the price used in the indicator calculations: 0 - Close (closing price), 1 - Open (opening price), 2 - High (maximum price), 3 - Low (minimum price), 4 - Median (HL/2), 5 - Typical (HLC/3), 6 - Weighted (HLCC/4).

The experts of ForTrader magazine believe that ADX Smoothed indicator will give fewer false signals and respond more often to the start of new trends, compared to the standard indicator.

Download ADX Smoothed indicator

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