Averages OsMA MTF+alerts+arrows indicator: optimized version of the standard indicator

indicator Averages OsMА MTF+alerts+arrows - is a modification of the popular OsMA oscillatorwhich, in turn, is a derivative of the standard MACD indicator.

The OsMA histogram, while similar to the MACD histogram, is calculated on a different principle and is the difference between the MACD histogram and its signal line. This algorithm allows the OsMA indicator to be more sensitive to all price changes.

 OsMA MTF+alerts+arrows indicator
OsMA MTF+alerts+arrows indicator

Averages ОsMA MTF+alerts+arrows indicator has extended settings, works in multiframe mode, displays on the histogram and the currency pair chart divergenceIt also gives entry signals in the form of arrows of the corresponding color and direction, duplicating them with additional alerts.

 OsMA MTF+alerts+arrows indicator
Averages OSMA MTF+alerts+arrows indicator alert

According to ForTrader.org experts, OsMA MTF+alerts+arrows indicator will become an effective replacement of OsMA and MACD indicators in trend trading strategies, allowing you to accurately determine the price reversal points.

Download OsMA Averages MTF+alerts+arrows indicator

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