FX Sniper's CCI indicator: modification with improved visualization

FX Sniper's CCI indicator - is a modified version of the popular CCI (Commodity Channel Index) indicator.

The formula for calculating the indicator FX Sniper's CCI is similar to the standard, but the visual characteristics have undergone some changes.

 FX Sniper's CCI indicator
FX Sniper's CCI indicator

For illustration, the screenshot shows the standard CCI indicator and FX Sniper's CCI indicator.

In addition to the line, the indicator FX Sniper's CCI added histogram, bars which have their own thickness and color.

There are green and red dots on the indicator zero line, which can be used as additional trading signals.

According to ForTrader experts, one of the strengths of the FX Sniper's CCI indicatoras a standard tool, is the definition of divergencesand work with oversold and overbought zones. Improved visualization will have a better effect on the efficiency of trader's perception of trading signals.

Download FX Sniper's CCI indicator

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