Stochastic NR indicator: cutting off unnecessary noise

Stochastic NR indicator is a modification of the standard Stochastic indicator.

Classic Stochastic indicator positions the current price between the price minimum and maximum for the number of bars set by the Kperiod parameter. At the same time, it makes no difference between the difference of extrema of 1 or 100 pips, in both cases demonstrating the entry into the zone oversold or overbought.

The Stochastic NR indicator applies optional parameter Sens (sensitivity)This allows you to set a threshold in points, cutting off fluctuations below this threshold, thus reducing the number of false signals.

 Stochastic NR indicator
Stochastic NR indicator

The experts at believe that the use of the Stochastic NR indicator instead of the standard one, will significantly reduce the number of false signals. However, since there are no set sensitivity values, each trader will have to determine the indicator sensitivity threshold for his trading style, currency pair and timeframe by experience.

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