MACD-RSI indicator - oscillator

About the appointment of MACD-RSI indicator You can guess from its name. This indicator is nothing more than a RSI indicator superimposed on the MACD indicator. These oscillators alone give good trading signals, so they are used in a large number of strategies, and in combination they display even more clearly the divergence, as well as price reversals at low time periods (M1, M5, M15).

MACD-RSI indicator

An excellent signal is the crossing of the red MACD signal line and the blue RSI line.

The MACD-RSI indicator parameters combine all the values necessary for work: the first three are standard MACD parameters, the remaining two are values for tuning RSI by MACD data.

Commentary from и MACD indicator, and RSI - have long gained the attention of traders around the world. Not surprisingly, their combination in the MACD-RSI indicator is also of interest to speculators and works well in the market.

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