Leledc-Ssrc Oscillator without re-drawing

Leledc-Ssrc indicator has long earned the attention and interest of traders around the world. Its main task is to track the market dynamics, pointing out the trend and flat.

Leledc-Ssrc Oscillator without re-drawing
Leledc-Ssrc Oscillator without re-drawing

Its initial version, the Ssrc oscillator, was used in various trading strategies. But almost always the problematic side of it was that it would redraw the data with the arrival of new data.

This is the Leledc-SsrcForce oscillator, which does not redraw. It also continues to indicate a trend and Flat. Gives a signal to sell and buy by crossing, but does not change its opinion after the close of the candle.

Analyzing the work of  Leledc-Ssrc Force Final No Repaint indicatorThe experts of ForTrader.org magazine pointed out that in general it is rather delayed in detecting signals and poorly handles trend movements. Therefore, before using it, it is recommended to choose the smoothing parameters for your TS and pair, having previously tested it on a demo.

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