CCI MTF TT [OverBoughtSold] Arrow Indicator

CCI MTF TT indicator [OverBoughtSold] - is an arrow modification of the popular CCI indicator, made by user Tankk specially for the forum ForexSystems.

CCI MTF TT [OverBoughtSold] indicator, as it is clear from the name, operates with overbought levels and oversold. Depending on its position, the signal line of the CCI MTF TT [OverBoughtSold] indicator is colored accordingly, and the price chart displays arrows of the corresponding color.

 CCI MTF TT indicator [OverBoughtSold]
CCI MTF TT indicator [OverBoughtSold]
Please note that the arrows displayed by the CCI MTF TT [OverBoughtSold] indicator are not a signal to enter a position, but a signal that the indicator line has crossed the oversold/overbought zone.

CCI MTF TT [OverBoughtSold] indicator has a wide range of both visual and functional settings, which allows each trader to customize it to his preference. experts believe that CCI MTF TT indicator [OverBoughtSold] can successfully replace standard oscillators working with overbought/oversold levels in trading strategies.

Download CCI MTF TT [OverBoughtSold] Indicator

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