XTC Trend indicator to determine the strength of the trend

XTC Trend indicator - variation oscillatordisplayed in the histogram. The indicator opens in a new window and describes the direction of the current movement and its strength. If XTC Trend is red, then we observe a downward movement, if blue - upward.

XTC Trend - Forex Oscillator
XTC Trend - Forex Oscillator

The oscillator can be used according to traditional MACD strategies: by crossing the zero line, by exiting the overbought and oversold levels, as well as by divergence.

Use XTC Trend indicator can be used on any timeframes and instruments, preferably paired with trend indicators. The filter does not overdraw. The negative trait, according to ForTrader.org, is the delayed reaction to entry and exit: 3-4 candles for an hour chart is already significant.

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