I3Indians - graphical indicator

Indicator i3Indians builds on the chart the "Three Indians" pattern described by Linda Raschke and Larry Connors in the book "Secrets of Trading". The pattern is built using a zigzag, which simplifies the perception of information to open a trade. To start working it is necessary to change the value of the color ZigZagif you need it.

i3Indians - graphical indicator

Signal indicator i3Indians and the pattern "Three Indians" - three rising tops with an unchanged horizontal "bottom" line. Entry, in the author's opinion, should be made after the breakdown of the "bottom" line, but not at the appearance of 3 tops, as with Raschke.

Commentary from ForTrader.org: i3Indians indicator - is a ready-made trading strategy, but with the need to check the signals, as in any other tactic. If you are looking for ideas for your own TS, then try this indicator at work.

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