100 pips today scalper - indicator for scalping

It is rare to find an indicator designed specifically for a particular user, or rather a trading strategy. indicator 100 pips today scalper - one of them and, judging by the name, it is designed for scalping.

100 pips today scalper - indicator for scalpers
100 pips today scalper - indicator for scalpers

Whatever it is, it is a trend indicator, which works directly on the price chart and gives the best signals on the lower timeframes up to M15. It can be used on any currency pair, and the rules are very simple: the yellow line indicates the uptrendThe red one indicates a downward trend, and the change in trend is signaled by a sound signal. Additionally, special markings tell about the direction. In addition, the "100 pips today scalper" indicates which deal is safe to open now. That is, in fact, we have a ready-made trading strategy embedded in the indicator.

On the weak side.  100 pips today scalper indicator are readings in the sideways market. In the picture you can just see flat interval, in which the filter constantly changes its color. On a long period, this can lead to significant losses. Therefore, ForTrader.org magazine recommends that you trade with the 100 pips today scalper in a more volatile market and limit your work to the active sessions of your instrument. In addition, add your favorite oscillator to your strategy to help you see market phases.

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