iSpeedMA_for_exV2 indicator: a simple trading assistant

As with many such tools for the most efficient operation of indicator iSpeedMA_for_exV2 used one of the most popular indicators on - Moving Average. It is on its basis that the whole forecast is built, however, to improve the accuracy of forecasting the authors of the indicator made some modifications to the program.

Now all indicators are displayed in a separate window on the chart of the currency pair, the readings are displayed as two curved lines of the same color, one of which is solid, the second is dotted.

The range of motion of these lines is in the neighborhood of -100 to 100 with an intermediate line equal to 0.

iSpeedMA_for_exV2 indicator has quite detailed settings, their values are in the archive with the indicator itself.

iSpeedMA_for_exV2 indicator

Application in trade

There are two ways to use it of indicator iSpeedMA_for_exV2 in trading, in the first case a dotted line is taken as a basis, and deals are opened in places of its crossing by a solid line.

  • Buy - if the solid line crosses the dotted line, from bottom to top.
  • Selling - the solid line crosses the dotted line, from top to bottom.

According to experts, the zero line in this case can be used as a signal filter.

For the second method it is necessary to set one of the arrow indicators on the chart, and using the indications of both of them to make a decision on opening deals in one or another direction.

Download indicator iSpeedMA_for_exV2

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