KDJ indicator: market entry by trend

KDJ indicator - is a typical trend indicator for the MetaTrader 4 platform, working on the basis of price chart calculations.

KDJ - trend indicator for MT4
KDJ - trend indicator for MT4

It is a combination of three lines: fast, medium and slow, the intersection of which gives a signal to open a deal.

A buy signal is formed when the lines are crossed, with the red one being above the blue one and the blue one being above the green one. The signal to sell is given at crossing in the opposite order: the red line is below the blue line, the blue line is below the green line. Note also that the farther the lines are from each other, the stronger the signal.

ForTrader.org experts' comments: like all trend indicators KDJ indicator gives a lot of false signals at the flat, when the lines just get tangled. Therefore it is recommended to add to it an oscillator, for example RSX nrp coronforexdescribed earlier.

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