MTF_Ichimoku - Ishimoku indicator for any timeframe

MTF_Ichimoku indicator - is a modification of the standard IshimokuThe filter can be built based on the data of any timeframe you need. Such a filter, according to the experts of magazine, is very convenient in case of using multitimesframe trading strategies on Ichimoku.

Setting the MTF_Ichimoku indicator on the chart, you operate with the parameter TimeFrame, in which you change the codes of what you need to work timeframe (H1 = 60, H4 = 240, etc.). Ishimoku, built on the given period and will be displayed on your chart. By default TimeFrame = 0, i.e. the current TF is used.

Other parameters of the MTF_Ichimoku indicator

  • Tenkan - Tenkan period
  • Kijun - Kijun period
  • Senkou - Senkou period
MTF_Ichimoku, plotted on H1 data
MTF_Ichimoku, plotted on H1 data

MTF_Ichimoku indicator download

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