RCFMA - trend indicator

RCFMA indicator visually resembles MACDThe data is based on three moving averages of different periods. Thus, an attempt is made to cover several trends of different duration.

RCFMA - trend indicator

A buy signal appears when the fast moving average indicates growth, i.e., the red line RCFMA indicator находится выше нулевой отметки, при этом гистограмма должна находиться в положительной зоне – среднее скользящее среднее находится выше медленного. Сигнал на продажу возникает в противоположной ситуации.

Commentary from ForTrader.org: RCFMA is another variation on the theme of the good old moving averages. If you already have a trend indicator in your strategy, this one will not show you anything new.

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