LeMan Trend trend indicator

LeMan Trend indicator belongs to the category of trend indicators. The indicator determines the current trend based on the current price and the minimum and maximum price values over three periods.

Use in trade

LeMan Trend indicator is displayed in the basement of the price chart in the form of two lines, the crossing of which is regarded as a change in the current trend, which is the expected entry point.

  • The crossing of the blue and red line from top to bottom is a sell signal;
  • The crossing of the red and blue line from top to bottom - a signal to buy.
 LeMan Trend indicator
LeMan Trend indicator

For the convenience of the trader in LeMan Trend indicator is implemented audible signal when the lines are crossed, as well as the appearance in a separate window of the message about the appearance of entry points into the market.

According to ForTrader.org experts, LeMan Trend indicator It is ineffective to use as an independent source of trading signals, but by introducing additional filters, or by using this indicator as a filter, it can become an element of a trending strategy.

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